By Eileen Majors

Choosing American-made, shopping local and eating local is big these days. Craft Kitchens are popping up everywhere and the craze is worth celebrating freshly prepared food products, made with love. And that’s just what Stacy Grimes of Misbeehaven Farms will tell you about her popular line of jellies. She’s created over 80 recipes that she jars and sells at special events and online.

She carries many traditional flavors like Blackberry, Strawberry and Classic Plum, along with her fresh, hand cut marmalade. She calls it Rich’s Orange Marmalade, named after her father for his love of the recipe. Other names like Brain Strain, Carolina Reaper and Nevada Nuclear were created by her son. Other “sweets” as she calls them are Strawberry Lavender, Plum and Almond and Sweet Garlic Jam.

On the hotter side, you’ll find quite a variety of jellies that are quickly becoming the more popular side of their business. We met the Grimes at the Reno Expo where we had a booth for the magazine. This local company was one of the busiest places, with new and return customers lining up all day. Samples were served and jars were flying out so fast we had to take a closer look. After tasting few samples, we got it.

This company is based in Sun Valley, Nevada, just 5 miles from Reno, sitting at 5,100 feet elevation. That is important to Aaron Grimes, Stacy’s husband and beekeeper on the farm. Fresh local raw honey is provided in 8-ounce and 16-ounce sizes jars and in honey sticks. Aaron’s honey is also offered in a spicy variety he calls Little Spicy Bear Honey.

(775) 815-8493