By Melissa Wynn

We have heard this carol for generations: “Here we come a-wassailing Among the leaves so green; Here we come a-wandering So fair to be seen. Love and joy come to you, And to you your wassail too; And God bless you and send you a happy New Year.” So what is a wassail and what is wassailing? Wassailing is singing carols door to door, much like the caroling of today. It got its name from the beverage Wassail, that was traditionally served to the singers to warm them in the cold. Here is an old time wassail recipe that you might enjoy serving to your Christmas carolers this holiday season. This beverage leaves the house smelling of apple pie and fun served in a beautiful punch bowl.


4 large apples, washed and cored

2 cups sugar

1 pint beer or apple cider

2 cinnamon sticks

1 pinch ground cloves

Nutmeg to taste

1 sliced lemon

Directions: Preheat oven to 375º Roast apples on a cookie sheet for 50 minutes or until they are softened. While the apples bake, warm the beer or cider over a low heat. Add spices and stir well, continue heating until liquid surface starts to foam. Add lemon slices and roasted apples, serve hot.