Tiny Houses Becoming a Big Deal                           mortgage Lassen Plumas

By Koda Steinbeck

 Sometimes less is more

The Tiny House movement is sweeping the nation, and people everywhere are finding beauty and peace in simplifying their lives while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Generally speaking, Tiny Houses are those classified as 600-sq-feet or under in size, although some floor plans may be slightly larger, or more space is established in a two-story construction.

Ryan Pereyra, along with his father Lou, operate Tiny Mountain Houses, located in Albany, Oregon, where they also have their corporate headquarters.

Pereyra says their miniaturized homes are pared with a trailer that allows Tiny House Interiorthe buyer to easily relocate the house to different locations.

With 30 different floor plans to choose from, Tiny Mountain Houses include electrical, plumbing, flooring, insulation, closet space, countertops, and exterior paint, “the whole works,” he says.

There are literally 100s of options and the flexibility to customize designs to fit a customer’s needs, according to their website at www.tinymountainhouses.com.

We buy houses in Houston and We build complete homes because we to want make sure that when the home leaves our facility it’s ready to live in,” and starting at $39,000, a much larger segment of potential buyers can afford them.

Owners just park their turnkey house on developed land and hook up the electric, water, and sewer and that’s it. Or they can choose to live off the grid with solar panels and propane for heating. “We even had one gentleman reclaim water from his rain gutters.”

All of their homes, which can be built to order in four to five weeks, are classified as RVs, “and built to code, which allows people to finance our homes through RV loans. And it also allows owners to park their tiny houses at RV parks if they wish.”

The trend in tiny houses is getting bigger by leaps and bounds. Articles on the new movement have been popping up in many local and national publications, and the number of tiny house builders has been on the rise, too.

“I think it’s due to builders constructing small houses with modern styles,” Pereyra says, who can be contacted at +1.800.605.8329  to answer any questions about their petite abodes.

For a lot of wage earners working for low pay, a traditional house is out of reach. They’re looking to downsize while drastically cutting expenses, and at the same time maintain a more flexible lifestyle.

“It’s really appealing to settle for something that’s not going to shackle buyers to a long-term mortgage,” Pereyra says.

Tiny Mountain Houses builds very livable, high-end, innovative designs at a price that’s far more affordable than the typical home that carries a long-term mortgage, he points out.

A lot of people thought that diminutive houses were a novelty at first, he says, but are reexamining the benefits of a smaller home that they can still live in full time.

The advantages of mobility and price are motivating factors that more and more people are looking for.

Roy White, owner of Old Hickory Sheds in Red Bluff, California, at (530) 710-7790, offers tiny house designs that include floor plans from 12’ X 24’ up to 14’ X 40’.

Their factory is located in Glenn, near the town of Chico.

Starting around $9,500, their basic model, the Deluxe Playhouse, is essentially a sturdy shell made with quality materials that’s preassembled with doors, roofing, windows, and a porch, ready for the owner to add the requisite necessities.

Owners acquire whatever permits are required at their property location, then upgrade the home by adding plumbing, electrical, insulation if needed, Towing a Tiny Houseinterior walls, closets, and other upgrades, or can hire a contractor to finish the work instead.

Options for the Deluxe Playhouse include different color metal or shingle roofing and styles, double-pane windows of varying sizes, different snow load ratings up to 140 PSF, an interior loft, single or double doors, shelves, and more; models and options can be viewed at http://oldhickorybuildings.com/locations/red-bluff-california/

Shipping is free the first 30 miles from the manufacturing plant in Glenn, Redding, Oroville, or from Chico. Beyond that, shipping costs between $3 and $4.50 a mile.

Delivery takes up to four weeks from the time the structure is ordered.

“We have a rent to own program,” White adds, “which makes buying from us more flexible for people who may not have all the money upfront.”

Homes can be placed wherever the owner wishes on his or her property, but it’s important that the structure conforms to building regulations and permit requirements in their area.

Purchasers need to plan ahead of time with the shipper so he knows what kind of access to the property he has when making a delivery.

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