It is always a treat to meet a real, old-school cook. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones like your great grandma. While making it seem effortless, they prepare an entire meal from scratch. There aren’t a lot of fancy recipes or special ingredients either; just the basics, the same kind of stuff you would find on a farm. Fresh grown produce,  grass fed beef, real “meat and potatoes” cooking. 

    The less you buy, the simpler it all becomes. Fresh meats, chicken and fish, accompanied by fresh dairy, real grains, flour, potatoes and other produce along with selected spices. Oh they used sugar too. I remember my mom telling stories about life back on the farm. When money was tight, sugar was something they could do without. When her brother got a job, she told me he took his first paycheck and bought a bag of sugar so their mom could start baking again. The whole family was thrilled. 

   One thing different today though, is the way sugar is processed and how corn syrup solids are used to sweeten many prepared foods. The best way to avoid all the man-made ingredients, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), pesticides and preservatives used in our food today is to buy USDA Certified Organic. A certified organic label may cost a bit more but in the long run, the notion of superior health and longevity is certainly worth it. Not to mention, the flavor will remind you of your great-grandma’s kitchen. Raising your own food as much as possible is ideal and a trend that is returning for many families today.