Still Mountain Valley Living

By Melissa Wynn (Missy)

For the last several years we

have met on these pages to

explore our sprawling back

yard that are the mountains

and valleys of the grand

Sierra Nevada Mountains

that we all call home.

Whether road-tripping with

Molly or planning the next

dining review with Eileen, I

have been honored to share

my amazing adventures with

you, the readers that make it

all possible.

I have recently moved into

a new career that allows

me to serve my community

in another very rewarding

way. I hope to have the time

to contribute an occasional

article to this heart-warming

publication that gave me a

chance to use my passion

for writing to actually make

a living. As they say, doing

what you love is not working.

I will forever be grateful to

Eileen Majors for giving me

the opportunity.

I will continue to be your

neighbor and see you all out

and about doing the things

that keep Mountain Valley

Living Magazine’s pages full

of the building blocks of our

hometown lifestyle. In that

spirit, I am proud to leave you

with the very same words

that began this journey for

me. I submitted the following

as the first of my printings on

these pages, the words that

led to my initial MVL job offer.

Cheers my Mountain Valley

Living Family. It has been a



“Somethings you just know. Like

the first time you hear a great

song. It hits ya and then it’s like

you don’t know how you got on

before, without that song. When I

first started working with Missy,

I just knew we’d be good friends.

She’s the kind of co-worker you

look forward to seeing every

morning you clock in and the

kind you don’t mind seeing on

your time. She made the fun

jobs funner and the tough jobs

worthwhile. I’m thankful she was

with me when I heard about Eve,

I’m beholden she was there for

me when my mom got sick, and

I’m indebted for her enduring

friendship. Like a trusty classic

song, I know Missy will always be

a part of my life. Somethings you

just know.


For over a decade I’ve had the

pleasure of working with Melissa

Wynn, known to everybody

around here as Missy. Her writing

and management style has shaped

the magazine into what it is today

and we are so glad we had the

opportunity to grow MVL with

Missy. Now as she moves off into

a position where she can help our

community in many ways, we are

excited for her. Oh Missy,

I really miss working with you!

Much love and all the best to you,

– Eileen

Missy is one amazing Lady! Best

of the best! On task, organized,

solution magician. One of the

most genuine, transparent,

wonderfully honest people I know.

Even when it’s tough! You know

what your getting with Missy. We

shared many conversations at all

hours over the years. Missy is so

good at loving others and giving

herself away. But don’t call her on

Tuesdays when her show is on! I

will never forget my first guided

tour of Westwood years with her

years ago. It was her description

of Pine Town as a “suburb of

Westwood” I especially liked.

Sealed the deal on my heart for

this wonderful lady. Enjoy your

free time. I’ll bring fish when I

can. – Kevin Gates