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By Eileen Majors                     

Much Needed Rest


Every once in a while it’s time to slow down, unwind and rejuvenate for the next run. It had been a really long time for me since I was unable to abandon the clock, the computer and the obligations for a few days.

I was receently given the opportunity to enjoy a four day stay at the coast. I must admit it was hard to let go; I barely had time to get my work done for each edition so I felt a bit guilty for indulging. I brought my computer and planned to work early each day on this mini-vacation.

It was a getaway to Casper, California, a tiny town on the beach near Fort Bragg. Friends and family members would be sharing a vacation home. I unpacked the computer and reluctantly brought it in. I had agreed to work from 5:00 to 10:00 am each day, letting my staff know that I could be available early before the kids got up for breakfast.

This trip was extra special for me because some of the older kids in our family would be there, and I look forward to every opportunity I get to connect with them; they all grow up so fast!

The first morning I had no luck on getting a computer signal. I guess I took it as a sign to heed the recommendation of my husband and family to leave my work behind. I allowed myself to enjoy the beautiful seaside morning and then to offer breakfast to the kids, one at a time, as they woke up.  That was really fun for me, playing short order cook for some of my favorite people.

We took walks to the ocean and rides into Fort Bragg and Mendocino. I had practically forgotten all about work. I knew I had a great staff back home and with three weeks until deadline, what could go wrong? I was going with it.

I enjoyed every second of those few days, from cooking breakfast to watching everybody surf and bodyboard to eating abalone for dinner and listening to the guitar in the evening. We enjoyed old friends, new friends and family in a beautiful home with grand ocean views. I greatly enjoyed the calming sea and some quiet time I really needed.

When we packed up the car to head back to reality I realized that I had actually taken off nearly four days. It soon became evident that it was exactly what I needed. We got back and still had time to produce this magazine, by far our biggest ever.

Everything just began falling into place, the way it always seems to when I take the time to slow down, unwind and rejuvenate.

And our staff is amazing. I not only had time for a vacation but was able to watch several of the kids’ ball games over the past few weeks. It is great to watch our little magazine grow and to watch our staff do an amazing job!


In my column last month, I incorrectly stated that Sheri Binswanger would be performing a history presentation about the early days of Westwood. You can, however, pick up a copy of the powerpoint presentation at the Westwood Museum

The presentation, titled Mrs. Walker’s History of Westwood 1912-1924 shows off many of the old buildings from Westwood’s early days. It includes a special reading of a message written by Evaline Walker, of the town’s founding family.