Everyone should have mentors. I have some for business, some for family and now even one to push me toward health and fitness goals. We have one member of our family who is ultra-dedicated to long term healthy eating, wellness and what some might call extreme fitness; a runner, bike rider, avid Piyo trainer and high school Athletic Director, she can and will put out her beautifully-rich, Triple-Layer Chocolate Kahlua Cake! Now, I call that a mentor.

I am inspired by Josie, who represents many goals I still have even at my age, or should I say, especially at my age of 60. It has never been more apparent to me than lately how important a fitness routine can be “at my age.”

I asked Josie to help figure out a healthier plan for me and line out some reachable goals. She agreed. A few days later she brought me a gift, a coffee mug bearing the words, “I run on pure essential oils AND coffee.” It seemed to define my current health habits and remind me how I needed to mix in more health and fitness. (Hmmm, maybe that’s what SHE was thinking.)

I really loved that cup. Soon after I got it, I stood out in the front yard drinking a cup of coffee and rereading the words on the cup.  My husband sat next to me, throwing the ball for the dog. One long throw would toss my plans into a hurling halt. Brian threw a long one and in an instant, Tank summed up his route to make the catch. As if I was not even there, the dog ran right over me to get to his ball, leaving me laying on my back with my foot bent over backwards. I held on tightly to the cup’s handle as I tumbled across the brick walkway. My hand arose with nothing left but the handle; the mug lay shattered in dozens of pieces, sort of like my new fitness plans. In an instant, I couldn’t walk and was left with very limited mobility, unable to even drive for weeks after.

Josie brought me another cup, identical to the first. I love it and I am realizing all the more that I must become inspired toward those healthy habits. Once again, I say to my mentor, I have to put it off again, just until the sprain is all better.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to see that we’ll be mixing a little more health and fitness into the magazine and our online edition.