In this age of social media and comedic memes greeting cards seem to land less often in our mail boxes. We all still really enjoy opening them knowing someone we love was thinking of us and took the time to tell us so with something tangible that we can hold in our hands and keep as a memento.

   Josephine Villalovos of Westwood is keeping this fading tradition alive by hand making each greeting card she sends out instead of buying off the rack. She begins by choosing a theme that matches the likes and personality of the recipient and then lovingly turns her vision into a personalized work of art. Her friends and relatives treasure these mementos and often display them long past the celebrated event. Gifts made with a loving touch are often kept forever in the hope chests of those that received them.

   Several kits are available containing the decorative items or you can start from scratch gathering your components from nature, old jewelry boxes, buttons and bows and even scrap booking and hobby supply stores: the possibilities are as endless. Josephine keeps her eyes open everywhere she goes collecting what-nots for her craft as she goes.

   Next time you have a loved one with a pending special occasion consider a hand-made greeting card. Whether your niece who loves pink, lace and butterflies is having a birthday or your golfing buddy that raises bulldogs is retiring, you can create a truly heart-felt card for that. Go with what inspires you and spoil those you love with a one-of-a-kind card that you designed and created especially for them. It is sure to bring a special joy to any occasion.