In a world that appears to embrace a degree of mediocrity taught to the masses, the individual should always try to be the best that he or she can be. Why? Because embracing life this way is so much more fun and rewarding. I was taught as a youngster that we should try to discover our talents and then focus and nurture those talents. That is your responsibility as a steward of who you are. This is not to support your ego; it is to enhance your life experience. It is personal but it is not egotistical. It is a responsibility.

     It is said that talent is 10% of the equation and the other 90% is hard work. Well, no kidding! The percentages may be incorrect for it could be 20/80 or 30/70 but the message is the same: It takes a lot of work, always trying to nudge yourself closer to the goal of excellence while realizing that you will never reach perfection and yet the journey is rewarding even though it can be discouraging at times. Like a competitive athlete, one needs to try to look ahead of where you are so that where you are is further towards your goal than you would be if you were not reaching for something further down the path you are on. Man, that is one strange sentence, eh? 

     While this certainly applies to larger goals in life, it also applies to the small things. Not reaching the goals we have set for ourselves is actually OK since there is enhancement in the trying. As I read this I can see that it may come across as preaching but actually I am encouraging myself along with the reader. Sometimes life is not easy but we have to keep plugging along, happily prodding ourselves to be the best we can and hopefully developing the talents we have. You know, the ones we like and want to pursue. I mean, one could have a talent of stumbling, for example. Well, that is one talent you don’t want to develop! Oh, this is supposed to be about dentistry? Well, brush and floss… ;o)