Here in Lassen, Plumas, and Modoc counties there are a lot of outdoor activities that a person can do. Eagle Lake fishing is just one great adventure a family can have. It Opens on May 25th. My favorite way to fish is use a nice 8 foot to 10 ½ foot medium to light medium rod with 4 pound test line. In the past 30 years I’ve loved to fish my hand tied feather jig. My favorite Jig colors are gray, white, olive and brown. Jigs with blue, white, orange bellies also seem to work well. Stop by the store and we will explain how and where to use them.

      Yes, trolling is another way to fish Eagle Lake. Try Needle Fish, Sure Catch, Taskmasters, Rapala’s and the old worm with flasher. O’yea, don’t forget the Artic Fox, and the Seps trolling flies. Almanor would be a good bet to catch a fish also. The lakes look great with the wet winter and spring we’ve had. 

     Should be some good hiking in the our areas this year. The Biz Trail should have a lot of wild flowers so don’t leave your camera behind. O’yea, you want to carry some bug spray, the mosquito may want to pack you out, HA HA. There is going to be a lot of areas you may not be able to get to depending on snow drifts in the higher elevations, so be careful. The Cinder Cone off highway 44 would be another beautiful hike, it is fun to walk to the top-10 steps up and slide 7 steps back, but once on top what a view! 

     Susanville is a great hub, great motels within an hour to hour in any direction there is a lot of neat country to see like Lassen Park, Burney falls, Skedadle Mountain, Black Rock Desert, Frenchman’s Lake, Lake Davis, Antelope Lake, Butt Lake, Lake Almanor, Mountain Meadows Reservoir, Silver Lake, Caribou Lake, Long Lake, and Eagle Lake.

     Lassen County has the Lassen Sportsmen Club Range in Rice Canyon, just north of High Desert State prison on Rice Canyon Road, just north of High Desert State Prison.  Check out the Lassen Sportsman Club web page for more info. feel free to ask for us for info at the Elegant Iris and Men’s Den, Our staff will be glad to stir you in the right direction. Have Fun and enjoy our beautiful outdoors.

David Huhtala

The Elegant Iris & Men’s Den

618 Main Street Susanville, CA

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