By Dave Hutala, Sportsman

Elegant Iris & Men’s Den, Susanville

Hey! Here in Lassen, Plumas, and Modoc counties there are a lot of outdoor activities that a person can enjoy. Eagle Lake fishing is just one great adventure a family can have.  I like getting out to the Lake at first light and fishing for the Eagle Lake Trout. My favorite way is to use a nice 8  to 10 ½ foot medium to light-medium rod with 4 pound test line. Over the past 30 years I’ve loved fishing with my hand tied feather jig. My favorite jig colors are gray, white, olive and brown. Also jigs with blue, white and orange bellies seem to work well. You can tie them yourself or purchase them here in Susanville. These jigs will work in other waters as well as Eagle Lake. You want to fish with a weighted bobber with the jig from 1 to 10 feet below the bobber. You’ll need to try different lengths. Yes, trolling is another way to fish Eagle Lake with needle fish, Sure Catch, Kastmasters, Rapala’s, and the old worm with flasher. Oh yea, don’t forget the Jay Fair, Artic fox, and Seps trolling flies. Now that winter is coming, drive slow on the downhill because of ice on the roads. Eagle lake summit can be very treacherous.

Back in time, December 1984, my old fishing partner George Snook and I caught some nice Eagle Lake Trout. One morning we were trolling Rapala’s down the east shore line from Eagle’s Nest towards the youth camp and catching numerous fish. I said, “George when my line gets up toward the old dead tree I’m going to catch a big fish.” Within seconds everything started. “Hey George, I’ve got a big one on, STOP, STOP THE BOAT, I’m not kidding I’ve got one and it is a good one.” Of course George being his arrogant self, said, “I’M not stopping.”  I said, “No George it is a good one; stop!”  After fighting the fish for a half hour, chasing it with the boat, being spooled 3 times; I’m listening to George saying “Get him in, don’t horse him, get him in.”  With George splashing the net in the lake trying to spook the fish I finally landed the Eagle Lake monster. It is my biggest trout to date at 29 ½ inches long, 17 inch girth weighing in on “Old Buddy” in Milford (official baby scale) at 9 ½ pounds. It was good eating and a great memory. That year George, his daughter Kerry and I had a lot of fun catching those beautiful fish.

You know we have had one of the best Chuckar and quail hatches in a long time, so get that old bird dog and get out there. There are pheasant clubs here in Lassen and Sierra Counties. 5 Dot, and Green Gulch Pheasant clubs have very good areas for you and your bird dog to get out. Make sure to read all of the regulations and have fun in the great outdoors.

-David Huhtala, Owner

The Elegant Iris & Men’s Den

618 Main Street Susanville, CA

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