Fall Fishing

Story By Mara Dobyns

Photos By Robert Baehler

Robert Baehler is a local resident of Lassen County, husband, father of four, and a killer fishermen. “I’ve been fishing since I was little for the last 20 years but avidly on the water the last ten years.” I was lucky enough to have Robert answer some fishing questions for me for all of you who are looking for tips on fishing this fall. Let’s jump right in.


Q: Where are the good spots to fish during the fall season?

A: “Some good spots to fish in the fall would be Hamilton Branch, Big Springs Cove on Lake Almanor and anywhere on the lake with a deep rocky structure. Shallow water can be effective towards late fall when water temps drop and the trout start to spawn.”

Q: What do you think is the most efficient bait to use for fall fishing and what kind of fish are you looking to catch?

A: “I would say the most efficient bait to use for a spinning rod to target trout would be a minnow imitation. Berkly gulp minnows on a light jig head slowly jigged back to shore would be a go to bait in the fall and is equally effective jigged down deep off a boat. For Hamilton Branch or anywhere on the lake salmon eggs, crickets, meal worms and night crawlers can be good and don’t be afraid to switch it up.  Smallmouth Bass still tend to be down deep and using crawdad imitations to deep diving rappels should produce results. For the fly fisherman minnow imitations with floating line or a sink tip line can be effective, along with midges and nymphs under an indicator.”

Q: What is the best advice you have for beginner fishermen?

A: “My best advice to beginning fisherman would be to get out there on the water and if what you have isn’t working don’t give up. Everyday on the water isn’t the same, fish are more active at certain hours on certain days. So if your not getting bites, stick around and see what the rest of the day has to offer.”

Lake Almanor is located between Chester and Westwood and is a local favorite. A big thanks to Robert for doing this interview! I wish all fishermen good luck out there on the water this fall.

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