By Evangeline DeVeir

An Evergreen Tree

We brought into our house one night

   an evergreen tree-my husband’s delight.

I cast my eyes upon it and thought

   “Oh well, it will do as well as naught.”

We carried the boxes, attached the lights

   hung the tinsel and ornaments bright

Then placed a star of white on high

   last the icicles, and stood back with a sigh.

I gazed in amazement for before me stood

    not an evergreen tree-a piece of wood

But a glistening majestic thing

    that took my heart and made it sing

    of “Peace on Earth-Good Will to Man.”

At last I began to understand

   that life-like a Christmas tree

   can only be what you make it-you see.

And now each night, with lights turned low

   I sit in the quiet and watch it glow.

That simple little evergreen tree

   bedecked with precious memories-

We made of it all that we could

   that’s how it must be with anything good.