I love Christmas and I think we all have holiday traditions that make our season special.

For years my partner in crime Kyle and I would bake for days and spend Christmas Eve delivering the goods to friends and family. My mom decorates the whole inside of their house and always with Christmas music blaring. My brother waits until the last minute to go Christmas shopping which usually always turns into an adventure. And The Big Guy and I get the perfect trees and usually have a story or two to tell when we get home.

These holiday traditions always make me smile but when I think about one of my favorite childhood traditions I always have to laugh.

Like all little kids are taught, it’s customary to leave Santa something to munch on while he’s hooks you up with Christmas gifts. Most kids leave him their favorite sweets with some milk. But The Big Guy let my brother and me in on a HUGE secret.

He told us that when he was a kid, he didn’t leave Santa cookies and milk, instead they left him another special treat- a treat that maybe he didn’t get from a lot of other houses. This was a sure way to get on the jolly old fella’s good side. The Big Guy told us what to do and we couldn’t argue with his logic.

So later that night my brother and I pulled out an iced mug from the freezer and poured in a cold Coors. We grabbed some chips with some dip and left them on a tray next to the TV remote.

Christmas morning the beer was drank and nothing but crumbs was left of the chips and dip.

And that was that; from then on we left the Man With All The Toys beer with chips and dip. Sometimes if we thought we needed extra points, we’d add a sandwich.

So if you find yourself trying to get on St. Nicks good side, I recommend leaving him a cold brewski!