Lots of Water Makes For Great Fishing, But Be Prepared

With all the weather we’ve had here in Northern California the lakes are filling up to the brims. It looks like fishing is going to be great at Lake Almanor, Eagle and Antelope Lake. Stop by the local shops and find out what happing in the area. We’ll give you all the latest reports as we hear them.

Archery shoots have started  in Redding, Red bluff, Paradise. There are also shoots in Loyalton and Northern Nevada. Great fun for the whole family. Check out your local archery shop for information. Remember the last weekend of March spring Turkey season opens up. It is going to be wet out there, so you better get out and scout. The access to the areas you normally hunt may have mud slids,  trees blown over, or maybe snow. So I think if you are serious about hunting that big Gobbler you had better get out and start scouting.

The last weekend of April, is the opener for the streams in California, again you had better scout out the areas due to the wet year we’ve had.

Eagle lake opens on the Memorial day weekend and the trollers will be out trying to catch one of those great Eagle Lake Rainbows. Looks like the is going to be a little more water in the lake. Trolling isn’t the only way to fish. I prefer Marabou jig’s stop by for info on Eagle and  Almanor. You know Antelope lake in Plumas can be a blast fishing also. Large  Mouth Bass, Rainbow, Brown, and Brook Trout can be caught, an maybe a nice bucket of Black Crappie, or a big Channel Catfish.  Good luck, be safe in our great outdoors.