They are already talking about it. Some were out during the epic floods this past winter watching the rivers, the streams and even the small creeks, dreaming, imagining, wondering what it will look like when it is all over. Intense high stream flows, not just once or twice, but several times and often for sustained periods.

Bank-to-bank floods, scouring the bedrock, ripping out old stream-side vegetation, and eroding into virgin riverbanks like it has not done in decades. Muddy, bubbling, frothing turbulent waters, a vicious act of nature that causes jaw-dropping havoc and destruction, leaving some people humbled and with awe at the immense power of water.

However, to a gold miner it causes a broad smile to grow across their face and a sparkle in their mind’s eye as they know what it all means. The murmer is growing and the anticipation almost unbearable. This is going to be one of the best gold mining seasons in many, many years!

Several things are working in favor of the miner. These high-flow situations cause the gold that was trapped in the high country or on the river bottom under huge boulders and thick layers sediment to move, to be strung about like cars in a Transformers movie. Cracks in the bedrock, which may have been cleaned out at one time, are going to be replenished with new gold. The natural process of gold being brought down valley during the large floods will once again play out in earnest.

It has been so many years since floods like this have happened that nothing will be the same for the placer miner. The old cleaned out honey holes are going to be full of golden honey once again. Streamside traps are going to contain new riches and where once overgrown vegetation prevented access to the bonanza sediments will be ripe for the picking again.

The miners can feel it. That tug on their soul, the calling from their claims, that burning, passionate desire to go gold mining again. This is going to be one heck of a year…and you want some of that! You want to be part of this new gold rush! You’ve wanted to do this for a long time and now is the time get off that couch, get in the truck, and get into the mountains.

The history of gold is riddled with tall tales, folklore and exaggerations that would make the less inclined person scoff and say “bah humbug! There’s no more gold out there!” But knowledgeable miners and prospectors of today are finding gold and many are becoming pretty darn rich–and having fun doing it too!

Of course there is still gold out there – lots of it! Just a couple years ago there was a huge 6 pound gold nugget found in Butte County, a 74 ounce nugget laced with quartz and country rock was found in Plumas County about eight years ago, and just before the suction dredge moratorium in 2009, a two-person team recovered 24 pounds of gold on the Feather River in four months. This year, this season, looks like another banner year. They didn’t call it Golden State because the grass turns yellow in the summer. It was because of all the gold – that heavy yellow metal that makes dreams come true! And you want some of it!

Find an expert, a geologist or miner, and learn from them. Research the internet for information, tips and techniques. You’ll find gold – there’s no doubt! There is still plenty of it out there. So what are you waiting for? The sooner you get out there, the more gold you’re going to put in your pocket.


Gold mining is not a new thing. It is something in our blood – something that we feel is right. Today’s miners are smarter than ever before. They have better tools to recover the precious metal and the wisdom to work with Mother Nature. Today’s miners are responsible citizens and reclamation is part of their mining process.

Spend quality time with your children and teach them the benefits of gold mining. Take them to the mountains and give them a chance to find some gold. It is a thrill when they find their first gold speck, flake or nugget. Once they do, they will be hooked forever. And who knows, maybe, just maybe, if they are a wee bit lucky… they too, will jump for joy, click their heels, and shout “Eureka! I found it!”

Charles P. Watson is the chief geologist at Advanced Geologic Exploration, Inc. located in Chester, California. He is an expert on gold exploration, mining, permitting, and a mining history buff as well. He can be reached at [email protected] or at

Advanced Geologic locates and sells high quality gold mining claims. They also provide superior mining and geologic consulting, and can assist you with all your mining and permitting needs. The gold rush is on! Contact them and claim your fortune!