I treasure many things in my home, most of those came to me from those in my family who have now departed. I sometimes feel like my home consists only of memories, as I have collected many throughout the years. I realize how valuable these items might also feel to the younger generation in our family. Memories of ‘Grandmas house’ or, for some, memories of their mom or dad. I have decided to create memory boxes with a few specially chosen items in each one.

Ideas for things to put in the box can include a dish, perhaps an old tea cup or something they might remember from a special place and time. Framed photos are also great, I plan to include one in each box. A familiar holiday ornament,  or piece of jewelry.

New gifts can include a powder, perfume or other scent with memories from the past, a nice photo book you can fill with photos, or a digital frame and a flash drive loaded with photos. You can slip a few old favorite recipes into a new recipe card holder or include new candles with old candle holders.

For fun wrapping paper, try photocopying memorable photos of loved ones and special times. Tape the back sides of the copies together then use as gift wrap and topped it with a bright red bow. If at all possible, use a round oatmeal box or cylinder from the office supply store to pack your gifts in; this will make your wrapping paper stay nicer, should the recipient choose to reuse it.