By Eileen Majors

Available in Quincy and Red Bluff

It was many years back that my brother gave my sister and I each a beautiful bracelet made by artist, Sergio Lub. Each was uniquely handcrafted with solid copper, German Silver and Jeweler’s Brass. They were inscribed with a star and the signature of Sergio Lub. We called them our “Sister Bracelets” and we wore them a lot. When my sister passed, I was given the other “Sister Bracelet” and proudly wore them both, often.

Then, as with many of my special jewelry items given to me over the years, they became misplaced. (Much of it comes back to me suddenly when I discover where I have tucked it away or where it had slipped into unseen territory somewhere. And usually that happens right when I need to know that my sister and other family members are around me.) But it had been years and I could not find the bracelets.

Then, on my wedding day, my best friend arrived to accompany me down the aisle. As the music began, I looked down and noticed an exact replica of one of the “Sister Bracelets.” A tear filled my eye as I explained to my friend Carol what a significance the bracelet had brought to my wedding. She quickly slipped it off and placed it on my left hand to wear down the aisle. She insisted I keep it, (at least for a while, maybe, I thought).

As Carol’s birthday approached this year, several years later, I knew I wanted to replace the bracelet she’d slipped on my wrist that special day. I saw in our magazine that The Loft in Red Bluff sold the bracelets and I intended to head off the mountain to find one. Meanwhile, I was in Quincy and noticed that another advertiser, My Sister’s Closet also sold the bracelets. The owner, Kimberly, was great to work with and immediately began looking up styles and researching my bracelet, although I didn’t have it with me. She had me send her a photo of the bracelet and the signature inside, then she really went to work. Before I knew it she called to tell me it was an old bracelet, now they also use magnets in the construction of the bracelets for health benefits and the ’star’ insignia has changed over the years. She knew I really wanted an exact replica so she continued to pursue the company. The artist himself helped out and they ended up finding the original design with the star logo and no magnets. I was able to pick it up right in Quincy, thanks to Kimberly and artist, Sergio Lub.

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift in your family, I suggest starting a tradition of “Sister Bracelets” for some of the girls in your family. Of course, they make men’s bracelets too. Our Sergio Lub Bracelets have been given and re-given, lost and found, and still bring me joy every time I put one on. I have definitely put them on MY list of meaningful gifts for this year. Find Sergio Lub Bracelets at: Quincy: My Sister’s Closet, 367 Main Street, 530.282.1779 Red Bluff: The Loft at Reynold’s Ranch & Farm Supply, 501 Madison Street, 530.529.5638.