From The Publisher:

Wow! 15 years. I’d like to say, “How time flies.” But actually I was thinking really, is that all? It seems like I’ve been doing this for decades. I look back at all the other jobs I’ve enjoyed over the years, from Crown Dental Studio in Walnut Creek, CA to helping at Buffalo Chips Pizza, to starting several of my own businesses, the latter (besides this) being Buffalo Traders’ Clothing Co., next to Buffalo Chips Pizza in Westwood. Most of my jobs provided fun opportunities for marketing.

Over the years, marketing and media have always been in the mix, from making pizzas and flyers for my late sister, Merilyn at Buffalo Chips to working in Welcome Wagon, then print media of many types, and ending with a fun job managing a radio station right in my small home town. I’ve enjoyed it all to the fullest.

Now for the past 15 years I have gotten to write about the areas I love, promote great people who own small businesses and share ideas for old fashioned cooking and simple living.

I have to admit I was getting tired, almost ready to retire even, with major concerns over the time I spend working vs. how much time I may have left to finish all those other projects I still have planned. A friend recently reminded me that I am always thinking about multiple things at once. I guess she’s right. Oh, I still look forward to hopefully publishing a couple of books I’ve written and of course completing that big goal of finishing “the big book,” one I’ve been taking notes on for nearly my entire life. But for now, I’m ready to carry out the next chapter of Mountain Valley Living. There are exciting ideas in the works as daughter-in-law Teresa takes the helm with talented Mara Dobyns as co-pilot. When I first started the magazine, Teresa could see I was overwhelmed with work. She said, “Do you want me to help you?” That was it. Now I am excited to help carry out all the great ideas she’s been forming for social media and digital marketing, much of which I got to put together with the advice of smart people who helped start MVL. I can thank no one more than Melissa Wynn for her help making MVL what it is today. Her wisdom, common sense and “heart” clearly had a great impact on shaping the magazine, for which I am so grateful. I now am enjoying watching Teresa move to the helm, with the help of our talented writer Mara, while I get to spend less time working, and more time visiting customers and the welcoming communities who invite us in, I get to write about it all too; now of course, they’ll put it online. Thanks to all of our writers and photographers who contribute to the magazine. And of course to our faithful readers for allowing us to enjoy this fun business for the past 15 years!

Best Wishes to All of You For An Amazing New Year!