If you want to feel the heart and soul of Paradise, look to the many organizations and people who have served their community so diligently from the onset of the Camp Fire. The event that destroyed this small community did not win; it brought to life even more love and camaraderie between the people of Paradise and the surrounding communities. Love poured in from many locations. When fire Brought destruction, humanity rose up in many forms.

   One of those forms can be found in the work of the Paradise Gleaners. While this club has been around a for a while, they have continued to add new services to meet the needs of the community. Starting out as a membership program designed to supplement the needs of low income senior citizens in the area. With only a few members and a handful of volunteers ignited the cause.

   We spoke to Elizabeth of E & J’s Mobile Kitchen who keeps very busy with the Paradise Gleaners. Their mission has grown, she told me. “When the 2018 Camp Fire destroyed our facility we carried on by piecing up donations and answering the needs of our friends and neighbors who had lost everything.” The group moved their operations to Oroville with a new perspective, to help all people, not just seniors. Every person involved in the organization had lost their home and understand the struggle and their hearts are heavy for the people they serve. “Today,” Elizabeth said, “Nobody in need gets turned away.”

    The busy group now provides food and sundries to wild fire survivors and with the lack of housing available, they also provide blankets, pillows, camping gear and other necessities to people left homeless or living in a vehicle. They also offer COVID supplies such as gloves, hand sanitizer and masks. 

   The facility is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Anyone in need of grocery assistance is invited to stop by. Find them at 1245 Oroville Dam Blvd. #10 in Oroville.