Here’s To The Old Days

From The Publisher

Eileen Heinz-Majors

It feels like the old days around here. I found out today that

Molly’s doing one of her great music interviews. Today I get

to sit and enjoy nothing but the sounds of birds chirping and

water trickling down the creek. I find it all very inspiring

even though that little creek used to act more like a raging

river this time of year.

Today I also get to finish writing every article of mine and I am cherishing the

peace and quiet of it all. As I go through story notes, I am reminded again of all

the wonderful people I got to meet in the making of this edition and the nice

places I got to visit and learn more about.

I greatly encourage you to take the drive we took, deep into history as you pass

through Taylorsville and into Genesee Valley. Enjoy an amazing-tasting, locallysourced

meal prepared by the talented staff at the Genessee Store, once the

trading post and stagecoach stop for those arriving during the California Gold

Rush. (See page 36)

I am so thrilled to let people know they can rent an electric moto, an RC Car

from the fastest name in Radio Control, or even a OneWheel right in Quincy.

There is some fun to be had there; that’s for sure.

And what about that movie-making going on right up here on the mountain.

With several scenes centered in Indian Valley, the production took place back

in November of 1988.. I got to meet many who remember it well. Check out for

yourself what is was like up here when Clint Eastwood and Bernadette Peters

were romping around. I hear Ms. Peters had a great time at Crescent Country in

Crescent Mills. Who wouldn’t?

Also, our company has two new marketing people on staff to help businesses

sort through knowing what they need online and how to get there, effectively,

and on any budget. I really think you are going to like them. Jim Hodge is based

in Susanville but can deliver results for customers across the entire region. The

other new marketing person is Devonte Smith, eager and ready to provide great

service locally as well.

The sound of the the birds has faded but every now and then a hummingbird

graces my presence on the porch with wings aflutter. I relax and remember how

much I enjoy both the quiet days when I get to write, and the fun and energetic

days when I get to get out and meet people while gathering story ideas and getting

to know the businesses who let me do this.

I am so thrilled to have a full staff back just like in the old days. so I can enjoy

every aspect of the makings of the magazine, and the people and places who make

it work. It does feel a bit like the old days again. Hope to see you soon.