By Mikey Majors

  Motocross is becoming known as one of the most physical sports out there. Riders are on a machine that weighs about 230 pounds with 20 other people on the gate with them. They are going everywhere and are all over the place; they are hitting big jumps. They are completely decked out in heavy riding gear even when it is hot. These athletes train hard to become good and fast at what they do for a living. It is one of the best sports out there. Competitor’s hearts beat about 190 beats per minute during a race. It is crazy! This is why it is one of the hardest sports out there. When you hit the ground, you hit it hard! 

   It is also the hardest sport because you have to be both physically and mentally strong for motocross. When riders crash they have to keep moving forward. When they don’t win they also have to keep moving forward.  The gear, it will protect you but that stuff is heavy. So these are some other reasons why motocross is the hardest sport. 

   On the track they are constantly hitting big jumps, bumps, and deep ruts during the whole entire moto. Riders are working as hard as they can at it. When they hit the woops they are going as fast as they possibly can and it’s a big section. Riders must have strong arms so they don’t get arm pump. These sections really tire the riders out but it is all worth it in the end. 

   When these athletes train, they have to train hard. They will do lots of push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups to keep their arms strong. They have to run miles to strengthen their heart and legs. Riders ride their dirt bike for hours as fast as they can. These athletes will do all this in the same day. It really beats them up. They don’t get many breaks during the season. Competitors have to do it all again, again and again. Even if they’re sick- they still have to do their training every day or they’re not going to be strong enough for the next race. And on top of all that fun stuff the riders have to maintain their bikes also in top running condition.

       So these are the reasons why motocross is the toughest sport out there. It’s not all as easy as it really seems.