Another day goes by amidst the Mountain Valley scenes,

Men and Women of Valor meeting everyday routines.

Some in patrol cars, meeting crime upon our streets,

Others ready to fight the fires and tend emergencies.

Some will search and rescue when they receive the call

Many will stand in guard of those who chose to live behind the wall.

Each job takes dedication and commitment to the cause,

Integrity and bravery are all that ever was.

Some are volunteers while some serve day by day,

But all will make a difference in each their own way.

To all who serve us here and our Mountain Valley ways,

We offer sincere appreciation and thanks and praise.

For when the lights go out and the worst it seems has come,

Our men and women of valor are there for many a troubled one.

So as you go do what you do, take our blessing too,

And prayers each for your safety and our