“The moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses.”- Anonymous

     Part of the magic of living in the mountains is randomly deciding to jump in your kayak and go explore a local lake under the light of the full moon. Which happens to be exactly what my husband and I did on our last date night.

     The sun was falling quickly into the horizon as we pulled into the parking lot of Walker lake. A glowing glimmer of several shades of blue sang along the edge of the tree line as the day faded and the sky began to welcome the night. We eagerly unloaded our kayaks and soon we were pushing off out into the water.

     My husband brought along some music and a speaker but with the sound of the waves lapping against the kayaks, the crickets and frogs praising another perfect summer night, and our own conversation and laughter, it really wasn’t needed.

     We paddled around enjoying the sight of the dark trees now in the distance and the light of the oh so full moon bouncing and dancing off of the water. We could smell the freshness of the meadow and once in a while see car heads lights from what I can only assume were from other adventurer’s out enjoying the peace of the night.

     Like pirates in the night, with only the moon and our own desires to explore to guide us, we happily wandered around the lake and took in all the random sights, sounds, and islands. The air felt warm coming off  the lake to greet my face and smelled of childhood memories and endless possibilities. It was breathtaking and intoxicating all at once.

     The freedom to load up a kayak and go embrace an adventure so randomly and so quickly is something that is too often taken for granted but all the more reason I am so grateful to call this area my home. With stars and random stumps jumping out of the water as landmarks to guide us back to the shore we found our way. With jobs, families, and whatever we may be going through with our own personal lives nothing is more important than keeping that love and magic alive. It benefits us in all areas and I hope you still take that short amount of time it takes for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy the place we are all lucky to call home.