Floating the Sac

Article and Photos By Cody Wynn

Living in Redding, floating the Sacramento River is one of the best ways to cool down. The temperature of the water is always pleasant and in the low 50’s. The river running through the center of the city make it easily accessible to take a quick trip downstream.

Before you hit the river, always have safety in mind. Check your raft, kayak,canoe or inflatable for air leaks, cracks or holes. Always wear Rafting_CodyWynn5your life vest. Floating with a friend is more fun and the buddy system is safer as well. If you do choose to go alone always let someone know where you are going and when to expect your return. Keep your eyes ahead on the water watching for floating and submerged debris, obstacles and rocks.

One of the most common and popular trips begins near Turtle Bay, going under six bridges, the Sundial Bridge, HWY44, Cypress Bridge, South Bonney View, I-5 and North Street Bridge. After passing North Street Bridge you come upon a tree overhanging the water marked orange on the truck. This mark signals you to dock up ahead on the right and you have reached Anderson River Park, your final destination. This trip can be accomplished in just a few hours, if you like to paddle. Most take their time to enjoy the wildlife like deer, osprey and salmon, floating leisurely and making a day of it. Scenic canyons and sprawling meadows offer more romantic vistas along the way. Soak in the majesty of Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta as you bob down the river amid ancient lava flows left from days of yore when the mountains were young and blowing off steam.

Many outdoor enthusiasts choose to make the trip over a few days and several camping options can be Raftsfound on the banks of the stunning Sacramento River as you meander this wonderful waterway. Always remember to check for campfire restrictions when you plan to spend the night. Camping and campfire permit information is available online at www.blm.gov or at the local BLM office located at 355 Homestead Dr. in Redding. Give them a call ahead of time to plan your trip at 530-224-2100.

This Redding to Anderson float offers both slow cruising through the deep channels and a bit of heart pounding adventure with class 1 and Rafters Reddingclass 2 rapids. Be prepared to paddle through the deep sections unless you are just floating slowly through to fish. Several low banks provide good places to stop and rest throughout your beautiful journey.

This group rented their equipment from Lance Law and his friendly staff at North Country Canoe and Kayak. With pick up service and two to eight man rafts available weekend warriors that don’t own their own gear can have a grand adventure starting at around $80.00 per day. Visit www.raftredding.com or call 530-244-4281for rates and schedules. Whether you own your own kayak or rent an inflatable raft from North Country Canoe and Kayak or another local dealer you are sure to bask in beauty when you visit Redding to float the Sac!