By Eileen Majors

chickens on a bench defines it as

“any lifestyle based on energy-saving and environmental responsibility”

Some participate in small ways; others faithfully live the lifestyle. Nicole (deMartimprey) Staniger, R.N.,  Midwife and proprietor at Quiet Earth Provisions and Quiet Earth Midwifery is one of those who will tell you it is just as easy to make your own peanut butter as it is to go buy some. From goats and chickens in the backyard to fresh churned butter, this family has chosen to live life sustainably, consuming foods that are as close to nature as possible.

You may better understand how it all began for Nicole when you get to know her parents, Alex and Chrystal deMartimprey from Lassen True Value Hardware Store in Westwood.  The couple has raised their kids in the old fashioned ways they cherish. Their go-to health products, which they make available to customers now, are Doterra pure essential oils and Usana health supplements.  Alex told me about the founder of Usana, who was an accomplished Virologist. He created the first commercially available test for diagnosing the Epstein-Barr virus. He decided he would rather work on prevention of the virus, and many others, so he went on to develop Usana dietary supplements.

Alex said their family has long sought out natural foods and alternative medicines whenever possible. He said the results have been effective, economical and the homeopathics have produced no side effects.  After all, he said, “God basically told Adam in the garden, “ I have created this garden for you. Everything you need is here. Take care of the garden.” (Alex added, “We didn’t take very good care of the garden.”)

The store pushes sustainability in every way they can. Energy saving products and the latest innovations are just some of the special buys Alex is continually searching out to bring into the store.

He carries high-efficiency heaters and wood stoves, and Energy Logs, a fairly new product that uses forest biproducts to create a very clean burning fuel. At a cost comparable to buying firewood, Alex knew his customers would appreciate the space saved, the clean, neat packaging and convenience, so he tried them out. Now he told us, many of his customers rely on the product for heat.

In addition to carrying items for energy saving, they promote raising food too. Each spring will bring a new batch of baby chicks and turkeys along with all the information needed to start your own little chicken or turkey ranch.  They have books on the subject, feed and all the supplies you will need to get started, including chicken coops.

In May, when Chrystal’s plants and flowers arrive, you will find a nice assortment of vegetable plants, chosen for their hardiness. Lassen True Value sits at around 5,000-foot elevation, so hardy plants are needed. They enjoy helping new gardeners get started as they do with those raising chickens for the first time. Each year they host a Chicken Coop Tour.  For full details call them at 530-256-3141 or stop by 318 Ash Street in Westwood.      The look and feel of this little hardware store is small; the inventory however includes a wide array of products from indoors to out, and an encouraging crew that is ready to help you on your way to the sustainable lifestyle.