Apple stamping is a super fun craft for toddlers and up, and is a great way to celebrate the fall season.

Materials needed:

• Apple(s)

• Paper

• Paint

• Knife


• First have an adult cut the apples in half. Cutting vertically will give you a stamp that looks like the apple itself. Cutting horizontally will give you a circular shape. Both are fun so be sure to play around to see which you like best.

• Lay down some newspaper to get your art station started. Make sure you have paper ready and a plate with paint for dipping your apple.

• Go for it! Dip the apple in the plate and then onto the paper.

• Once you are done painting, let it dry, and then if you’d like draw or paint a ‘stem’ onto your apple shape. You are welcome to draw or paint before stamping as well.

Apple Stamping Ideas:

• Draw or paint a tree on the paper before hand and then stamp your apples onto the branches.

• Draw faces onto your apples after they dry.

• For Halloween themed apple stamping try orange paint to create a pumpkin look-a-like. When they dry use brown or green for a stem and black for the face.

Alternative Apple Stamping:

• Use fabric paint and clothing to create apple stamping that you can wear!

• Use fabric paint on a tote bag for a creative way to carry all of your goodies.

• Throw some contact paper over your dried piece of apple stamped paper to create a fun placemat for dinner.