Black-necked Stilt (Himantopus mexicanus)

By Jan Ramelli

I am so amazed in the beauty that you can find if you will allow yourself a little time to sit and “be still”.  Go for a drive, get out of the car, go for a walk, and take a few moments to stop, look, and listen!   This beautiful bird goes somewhat unnoticed, although many of us see it often!


This Black-necked Stilt was spotted in the Honey Lake Wildlife area where it feeds by probing and gleaning shallow water; in inland areas it feeds mainly on insects, larvae, small fish, and tadpoles.

They nest in colonies or rookeries, often in a close enough proximity to patrol and assist in protection of each others nest(s); the nest is typically found in a shallow rocky depression or in a hollow on a beach.  The newly hatched can swim within 2 hours, and will typically leave the nest in a month, and breed within 1-2 years.