Okay, so I guess I don’t get out much, but I’ve never seen such a thing as I saw on my way to the truck with my mom. I got so excited at first, I thought it was one of my buddies coming to play. “Whoa, wait a minute,” I thought, “That’s no dog.” But she did look kinda friendly so I ventured out to meet her. Poor thing, had a really funny looking snout and she was awfully low to the ground, I bet she’s terrible at catching the ball. “Hmmm… maybe we should  play,” I thought. I looked at my mom for an I’ll-throw-the-ball look, but she just seemed all worried about what might happen next. She started hollering at me, “Be nice, Tank. NICE, NICE.” Okay I got it, and you know I would never hurt her.

Anyhow, discarding all mom-warnings, I went in for a closer look, snout to snout. She seemed to just be chilling, looking for some fun. “I’m fun!” I implied loudly as I ran around her a couple of times to see if she wanted to play.  “I’m really fun!”  She started looking like she wanted to play with me until a neighbor brought her over this big, weird-looking thing to eat. I ran up behind her to see what it was. Yuck! She sure eats weird stuff. It was like a big green ball cut in half with a bunch of slimy looking seeds in the middle. It didn’t smell very good and she didn’t either. Well, she didn’t really smell which is completely different than my other friends, but at this point, I was really starting to like the idea of have a new funny-looking friend.

I later learned this was a pig in our yard, but not the same kind you eat in sausage and bacon, more the kind you’d find in a four-legged-friend! Someone’s pet had wandered into our yard but I didn’t know and hey, I like friends, so, of course I assumed she was coming to see me, to play, right? So, it turns out domesticated pigs, as my mom called them, do like to socialize… but not with dogs.

I had no idea. The second time I ran a circle around her she joined in on the fun, chasing me back, then I chased her again, the whole time my mom is trying to call me over to her (and that awful looking food? I was not sure,) but I wasn’t going.

The pig started after me pretty good as the neighbor warned mom about her sharp tusks. “What are tusks?” I thought. “Who cares! She wants to play with me.” I circled again and she came back at me like she really knew something about playing hard! She was coming toward me fast. Great!

Immediately my mom yelled to my dad and he yelled at me and I was in the house for the whole rest of the time the pig was in my yard. Maybe having a pig for a friend isn’t such a good idea, but I wasn’t scared. She seemed fine to me. If you want to see me with that pig click here.