By Christy Milan


Standing at the entrance to the planetarium is a crowd of various ages. The air is charged with excitement as the doors open and we enter. Everyone has come to be enchanted by the night sky courtesy of the Schreder Planetarium. The Schreder Planetarium offers educational and scientific information presented in a variety of different programs throughout the year. School field trips have taken advantage of the assorted programs and many people remember visiting the planetarium as a child.

It began in 1979 when Jack Schreder followed his vision of the night sky. The domed ceiling, projection equipment and program led the observer to discover the universe in all its grandeur. Stars, constellations, planets and other discoveries are unveiled in a unique and wonderful way. Schreder Planetarium is not only educational but also opens the observer up to the wonder of space and all it has to offer. It is a multi-media science education facility. Programs presented range from documentaries to storytelling with a science fiction theme. Public programs are presented several times a month and tickets can be purchased online at their website.

The chair feels comfortable as the night sky takes over the domed ceiling. The light fades and darkness comes out to play. The night sky dances across the ceiling and a sense of wonder is exclaimed through the room. Stars fill the ceiling with their twinkle and the constellations are clearly defined.  With 64 seats available the Schreder Planetarium it is a must see adventure in Northern California. Programs like Fall Night Sky, Stars of the Pharaohs, Wonders of the Universe, Horizons and Seasons of Light give you a taste of the marvel that awaits you.

Beginning December 1, the Season of Light program kicks off the Christmas season. The magic of the season comes to light with twinkling Christmas trees, the Yuletide log and the ritual of lighting the Menorah. Also presented are the traditions of the winter solstice according to different cultures. Some of the cultures include Christian, Jewish, Irish, Mexican, Roman, Celtic and Hopi. Modern traditions such as kissing under the mistletoe, giving gifts and caroling are also presented.

During the holiday season, the planetarium displays a special kind of magic. The night cascades around you as the program begins. The stars appear with a shimmering radiance and distant planets materialize where it once was dark. The magic can be seen on the faces of those observing the stars, planets and our universe.

Upcoming shows:

Friday December 1 & 15:

Seasons of Light

Winter Night Sky


Visit website for more information and to purchase tickets for $7 each • Find them on Facebook