By Eileen Heinz Majors

Summer is here, as is the opportunity to get out and see more of NorCal. Campgrounds are busy and seasonal businesses across the Sierra-Cascade region are open and ready to serve you. Go see them!

We have been busy around here too, as the ‘millennial’ mentality takes over making sure digital seekers find our magazine. I love it! is fully open (and continually expanding.) By the time you read this, the first Almanor Area Newsletter will have already gone out, and the first local prize drawing will have been awarded: a $250 Shopping Spree at Milwood Lakeside Nursery. Thanks to all of you who signed up in our Lake Almanor Newsletter drawing at Plumas Bank in Chester and to all who signed up at our Shasta and Reno Sports & Boat Shows for the newsletters. If you wish to sign up, email [email protected]. to get on our email list.

It is fun to watch our ten years of hard work (building a website) turn into a product more digital than I could have ever imagined. And I truly cherish the dedicated staff and partners Mountain Valley Living Magazine has on board making it happen. I get compliments every day on the people who work so hard to put the magazine and digital versions together for each edition, on the stories they produce, on their stunning design efforts and the true heart they put into what they do.

Thanks to all of our contributing writers who add their touches, and our great office team. Molly has brought a new editorial feel, and with it, a new following for the magazine. Jaime’s ability to design beautiful, high-tech digital ads, that respond in many ways, is just one of the many talents he brings to MVL. Everything is a little different around here, except with Melissa, who still takes on organizing every aspect of the process. I can’t thank them all enough, and our awesome people out there representing the company: Eve, Kevin, and now Adriana, and Launi, all giving it their all. Rhonda and Sedona are doing an amazing job at digital support and search engine optimization. I hope you enjoy our online editions at

With all the summer fun going on now, check out our special section inside the magazine for adventures in the area. We picked out some favorites to share with you. Take a look around at Check out the campground and lodging guide. My favorite is the dining guide. Link to for more cool adventures, events nearby. It’s still busy around here but but I hope you can get out and enjoy some summer fun whether you find it digitally or not. r