By Dave Huhtala, Owner
The Elegant Iris and The
Men’s Den

It’s been a long hot summer but fall is on its way. Eagle Lake fishing should start picking up. Low water again for this year.
Well I  like to get out there around the end of September and early October with my jigs. First legal light and work the water with white, brown,  turkey, and olive colored Marabou Jigs. Don’t forget about the little white Paddle Bugs or small white Gitz Its.
At this time of year the minnows are balling up around the shore line. If you find them you will have a blast with that bugfree 4-6 lb test line. Again my favorite is the Marabou Jigs. To be successful with the jigs use the smallest weighted bobber you can get away with. A  good mono line is recommended. Fluorocarbon is heavy and the line  between the rod tip and water has a tendency to sink.
When your bobber goes down you may have line bow down in the water and then when you set the hook you miss the fish. With Mono Floats you can watch your line and keep the bow out of the line a little easier than the fluorocarbon. Successful jig fishermen use a 8-101/2 foot rods, so when the bobber goes down they can move some line with ease and make  a good hook set.
Lake Almanor is going to have good water levels and the fishing is great there for Eagle Lake trout. Who knows, you may even catch a big German Brown or a Small Mouth Bass. Jigs work well in most of the waters here in California.
I have  friends and family in Montana that are catching nice trout there with Marabou Jigs. If you need Jigs we have the Huhtala Killer Jig in stock all year around.
If you have any questions stop by. We carry all your jig fishing needs and will even show you how to tie one. We stock the Huhtala Killer Jigs year round.  Take care and be safe in our great outdoors. r

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