By Lynni Miller, RDH

After 38 years as a practicing Dental Hygienist, I am certain that your gums are a window to the health of your whole body.

Your gums should be just as healthy as the skin on the rest of your body. Bleeding gums are a sign there is breakdown in the tissue. There is a link between micro organisms, “the bad guys”, and tissue breakdown.

This article outlines 3 of the most powerful actions I have discovered that you can take to counteract that damage and get further on the path of Healthy Living.

1. Get Hydrated!!! Drink good quality water many times during the day. Water helps eliminate toxins and helps bring oxygen into the cells of your gums. The “bad guys” can’t live where there is oxygen.

2. Dry Brush your teeth and gums. This technique is outlined in a video on my Facebook page:

Dry brushing not only disrupts the protective coating for the “bad guys” (plaque) but it also increases circulation in the gum tissue, bringing more oxygen into the area.

3. Get Regular Professional Cleanings. A professional cleaning means that all of the tooth surfaces where the “bad guys” can hide are cleaned to remove any toxins, giving you a clean slate. Thorough daily removal of these nasty micro organisms and regular professional cleanings helps eliminate the stress of having your immune system fight these damaging “bad guys”.

These simple steps will put you on the path of a higher level of health.