Coin Pays Reverence to Westwood’s History

You don’t need to live in Westwood to know it’s a special place. From it’s creation it seems the town has been something of awe.

The Red River Lumber and Fruit Grower’s Supply Company, prior industries of Westwood, seem to be all woven into the history and the hard work it was built by, that is engrained into the core of the community. With a history like that, it’s no wonder people are proud of this town’s heritage.

Tom Ferguson has designed a silver coin that pays homage to the town during that special time in it’s history.

One side of the coin illustrates the old 1927 high school buried under the snow from the 1952 winter storm. It also shows Lake Almanor and Mt. Lassen.

On the reverse side is the Red River Lumber and Fruit Growers Supply Company buildings’ and their tall mill stacks, with the Dyer Mountains in the background.

You can purchase the coin from Ferguson’s website: or you can send a check for $37.50 (including 1st class postage) to the address below.

“The coin was minted at the Northwest Mint in Dayton, NV. It is .999% pure silver, 1 troy ounce, encapsulated in plastic and in a small velvet pouch,” Ferguson explains. “A piece of silver that can be handed down to younger family members for as long as there is family. They can hold it and say, my great, great grandparents were part of this historic lumber town.”

So whether you are a longtime member of the community, a visitor, a history buff or just a collector, this coin seems like a cool souvenir to have. It’s a tangible representation of our little town and its big history.

Please send your checks to: Tom Ferguson, 206 Kurtz Ln, Hamilton, MT 59840