Experience the Wonder at Lake Almanor

Northshore Campground welcomes you. Their friendly staff is helpful and they are knowledgable about the area. Owners have worked hard to create a family-friendly environment that is inviting, fun and beautiful. 

   This relaxing lakeside resort is spaciously set along over a mile of shoreline. Tent sites, RV sites and cabins  are each set for optimum views. Swimmers, kayakers and fishermen enjoy their sports as children climb and swing on the playground. The park as been carefully designed to show off the natural beauty of the resort.  

   Luxurious cabins with breathtaking views further compliment a serene setting built for families and friends enjoying Lake Almanor.

Completely remodeled cabins feature outstanding views and easy lake access. We took a stroll through a beautiful little cabin on the point where views transcended in every direction. A covered wood porch invited us to take a comfortable seat just feet from the water’s edge. It’s easy to feel like you are secluded in a quiet spot somewhere on this large resort property. On the other hand, it is fun to mingle on the beaches and lounging areas to meet other vacationers. An onsite store has cold beverages and several groceries and necessities in case you forgot something.

   Northshore Campground is conveniently located just across the causeway from the town of Chester. The Lake Almanor Causeway is a birdwatcher’s paradise. From large birds of prey like eagles and osprey to tall pelicans and egrets, it is a gathering place for wildlife and wildlife watchers.

  Have a seat on the lake’s edge and experience the wonder. During our short visit we got to watch an osprey fetch his favorite meal from the water. It is indeed amazing how they can grab a fish from underwater,with their strong talons’ grasp, after spotting them from the air.

   If you want a closer look, the resort offers kayak rentals, canoes and stand-up paddleboards for their guests. Several were headed out on the morning of our visit. Pelicans and Egrets stood unaware of their presense in the distance. Canada Geese dotted the grasslands while many other speices congregated in clusters. A couple with binoculars watched from the beach.

   The area boasts many natural attractions; there is indeed something for everyone. A wi-fi hot spot, clean, modern bathrooms and coin-operated showers make even tent camping quite comfortable. If you are looking for a relaxing family vacation, look no further than Northshore Campground. They stay open into the fall to welcome hunters and fishermen. Find more information at