As we all get ready to head out on vacation or set out to capture as many local and regional adventures as we can this summer, a safe running vehicle is the key component for getting you and your family around safely. A few simple checks can send you off with confidence.

Vehicle Inspection

Kim Burke, Owner at Chico’s Automasters advises taking the time to be sure your car is road-ready. “Get your car in for a quick inspection,” she told us. For under $100, a Road Safety Check can reveal a problem before it becomes an actual breakdown.

An inspection should include checking the fluid levels, tires, lights and radiator/coolant system. A visual inspection can reveal worn belts or hoses that can be replaced before they burst. “Of course,” she added, “get an oil change if it’s time for one.” Regular maintenance is vital to the life of your car.

Air Conditioning Service

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling you off like it used to, it may be a simple fix. One tiny pin hole in a hose can reduce your system’s effectiveness. The shop will do a pressure test and lube the compressor. Servicing and lubing the compressor is vital to the life of your A/C according to Kim. “It is the most expensive part of your air conditioner and should be protected with regular maintenance.” Even if your A/C isn’t working at all, Kim assures us they can even replace the whole system. Their goal is to get your A/C service io perform in the high-30’s to 40º range.

How are Those Brakes?

Brakes are the most important safety system on your car and even the slightest decrease in efficiency can affect your car’s performance. At the first sign of brake problems, Kim advises bringing your car in right away, to avoid both danger and the cost of further damage.

Chico Automasters encourages you to drive safely and enjoy your outings this summer!