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Meadow lupine   Springtime brings a wealth of wildflowers to the rural corners of Northern California and Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to many species. The grand displays throughout the park herald the beginning of a new season while other varieties generally bloom all summer and still  there are others blooming through September.

While you are venturing through the forests and wild lands this year, keep a look out; they pop up everywhere. With so many varieties, it is difficult to identify each flower. We went to the National Park Service (NPS) website, which provides a pictorial guide to the wildflowers in Lassen Volcanic National Park. We have shared a few of the photos here, but before you head out, be sure to check out NPS photo library of wildflowers in the park. 100 species are included in the document and a printable pdf guide is available highlighting some of the most frequently spotted blooms.  also shows off many wildflower photos taken in Plumas County on their blog. Check out their beautiful assortment and share your own Plumas County wildflower photos. Fawn lily on Brokeoff Mountain Trail courtesy NPS

Table Mountain in Butte County is famous for its magnificent wildflower displays each March through May. Trails wander through the flowers and guided tours are available from the Department of Fish and Game and the California Native Plant Society.




Did You Know? 

A hike through Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park in the spring to view wildflowers is apt to deliver glimpses of snow melting and perhaps the occurrence of snow algae.

The reddish color sometimes observed on top of snow at Lassen Volcanic NP snow is a living organism called snow algae. When snow begins to thaw, these microscopic organisms spring to life. They function as a primary food source and snow algaeare being studied for their cancer-fighting properties.

Visit and search Wildflowers Lassen.  

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