By Tank

Hi folks, Tank here. As I always say, things have been going pretty good for me since I got out of the rescue. I can only continue to encourage you to go by your local shelter and pick up one of my buddies. Everybody down there is looking for that forever home and sometimes I still feel pretty bad for them.

My forever family loves me and they spoil me too, or they USED TO. The one thing I probably like more than anything besides attention, is food. I used to get quite a variety but I am afraid…. thats all over now. Let me explain.

It all started one night when I had a babysitter. We were laying on the couch watching a movie when she got this blue carton out of that big food box in the kitchen. It was this wonderful white, creamy, cold stuff and she made herself a big bowl of it and then threw me a chunk of it every few minutes. Man, was it good! As it turns out, we have had had this stuff the whole time, right inside our house. How could they have never offered it to me? I now know what I’m watching for. Before I was just too sheltered to realize it. But thinking back, I really should have kept this whole thing to myself. I’ll tell you why; it was the beginning of the end.

My mom likes to stay up late working; that’s no surprise. But a few days after my babysitter had gone home, I heard Mom walking around the kitchen. Then I heard that big box open with its hissing sound of the cold air I love to feel against my face. She plopped something on the counter and opened it. “YES!,” I screamed from inside as I headed down the stairs, rumbling from a sound sleep. I now know what that noise and whiff of cold air means. I could smell the now familiar cold mixture. She’ll give me some of that if I ask her; I know she will. I tried the old sad-eye thing but that did not work. I began whining a little; I even had to nudge her arm a few times. “Why can’t I have any?” FINALLY, she gives me this tiny piece and says, “I don’t know Tank, I don’t think we’re supposed to let you eat ice cream.” “WHAT?,” my heart screamed in fear as she continued, “Let me look it up.”

Boy, THAT was a bad idea; you should see all the things I don’t get to eat anymore. I love my forever family but I do miss my babysitter.

To find a complete list of human foods NOT to feed your dog, the ASPCA  provides a list at