Eileen Majors

2016 is here and as hard as it is to believe, Mountain Valley Living is celebrating its 8th anniversary. As we enter our ninth year of scouting out good, old fashioned rural lifestyles and adventures in Northern California, not a lot has changed. We still travel the backroads and we are still finding plenty of new adventures to share with our readers. Probably the most popular regular features we publish are our monthly Road Trips and Dining Reviews, and our Regional Calendar of Events. We look for unique adventures and events between Shasta and Tahoe.  Since our first edition hit the streets in January of 2008, we have been able to greatly expand the territories we deliver magazines to in NorCal.

We have added distribution in Redding, Chico, Corning, Red Bluff and into much of the rural corners of Shasta, Butte and Tehama Counties, all with great response. We so appreciate the calls we get from all the areas we serve and we are thankful for every reader who picks up the magazine. Because of the response our advertisers get from all of you, we have been able to continue pursuing the dream, enlarging our reach, promoting the small town adventures and the ‘Mom & Pop’ shops that make our little world go around up here in Northern California. We still offer local rate advertising for those who do not need the wide distribution. We are thrilled to see how many of our magazines making it into local living rooms.

As we head into 2016, we are excited about the future of MVL. Our good old fashioned content has been the biggest driving force in our magazine’s growth and now we have found that this good old fashioned content has also been a huge igniter for our online growth. Because we have so many interesting, original stories online, we have been able to make our customers very searchable on the web! Who knew?  It is a fun new turn for MVL, one that is very exciting to see unfold.


Our staff here is awesome and we really enjoy brining you your local magazine. If you have a business to market, we can show you some cool tricks for becoming more and more searchable online each day. Call us anytime at 530.256.2800.