House Of Custom Cabinets- Building It Your Way

When building or remodeling your home, the cabinetry you choose is sure to be a main focal point in the overall look. If you really want something that speaks to your own sense of style custom built is the way to go.

Dave House and the knowledgeable staff at House of Custom Cabinets work closely with their valued customers to ensure that their design coincides with your unique vision.

While many customers in the mountain region that House of Custom Cabinets calls home choose traditional woods, like beautiful knotty hickory, others want a more modern and sleek look.

Brian and Sarah Smith, owners of Chester Auto Body, opted to go bold and black in their lovely Bailey Creek home at Lake Almanor.  Dave, Davy and Juan were happy to build this stunning cabinetry just the way Brian and Sarah had it pictured. Once the build was complete Brian put his own painting skills to work and added the gorgeous finish himself using the auto body paint that he works with every day.  Unlike buying pre-built cabinets from a big box retailer, going custom means you CAN have it your way. If you can dream it, House of Custom Cabinets can and will help you design and build it to your satisfaction.

Does your vision for your home’s cabinetry step outside the norm? Perhaps you have a dream for a new color, shape or size cabinet or closet that is custom designed to fit your space or decor.

Whether you are looking to build something totally original, or are just looking to dress up your home with a bit of remodeling, House of Custom Cabinets is there to serve all of cabinetry needs. Give them a call at (530) 596- 3725 or drop in at the shop at 411 Arbutus Dr. on the Lake Almanor Peninsula. The possibilities are endless.