Redding Stroke Survivor Shares Her Story To Help Others

Photo Courtesy Mercy Medical Center, Redding

Local stroke survivor Ruth Wolfe got to share her inspiring story on NBC’s Today Show, which aired on May 21, 2015. The story of Ruth’s unexpected stroke and recovery has gained national attention. The story is being retold to inspire others to learn the symptoms of stroke and act quickly when in doubt. Knowing the symptoms of stroke, acting fast, and receiving prompt medical attention saved Ruth’s life.

Ruth never considered herself at risk for a stroke. Like many women, Ruth balances a career and family with an active lifestyle. She exercises, eats healthy, and has never smoked. Despite this, in 2010, Ruth suffered a stroke while sitting alone in her car. It came on suddenly and without warning. As a respiratory therapist at Mercy Medical Center Redding, Ruth recognized the signs of stroke and knew she must act quickly.

Quick action allowed the Mercy Stroke Center Team to administer life saving treatment that dramatically reduced the potentially life altering side effects of her stroke. As a five-year survivor who has made a dramatic recovery Ruth encourages everyone to learn the symptoms of stroke and seek immediate medical treatment if experiencing any stroke-like symptoms. “I got my life back,” she shared, “I never thought I’d be able to do the things I do again. I am so thankful.”