Nancy Lund at home in Greenville

[/media-credit] Nancy Lund at home in Greenville

By Nancy Lund

We all say it –Next time, I’ll do it differently.  “ Next time I won’t cook dinner for people who don’t come on time, I’ll suggest we meet at a restaurant” and  “Next time I’ll ask what I should bring, or what to wear  instead of…”

These are trivial occasions that don’t really matter.  But I’m thinking of reasons why we shouldn’t put off to ‘next time’ things that do matter, things that can have lasting effects for ourselves or our families.

Taking care of our health is the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t wait until the next time when you have a headache that won’t go away, or when your loved one has chest pains that might only be indigestion, but might not.  Make that appointment with the doctor for yourself or your spouse. The next time might be too late.

And what about the insurance policy that keeps going up?  Should we wait until the next time to see if we can get another one at a better rate?  Or wait till we get another notice that our auto insurance has lapsed? That accident might not wait until the next time!

And when it comes to relationships, should we wait until the next time to go visit that friend who is in the hospital?  Or to pick up the groceries for our house-bound neighbor? How awful we will feel when we hear that the friend has died or that our neighbor  hasn’t had a square meal in days.

I learned a great lesson from my mother.  In her late eighties she suffered from  arthritis and major problems with her feet, but when invited to go out for dinner or a movie she would always say “Of course, I’ll be delighted to go.”  Nothing about her aches and pains.

My dear mother-in-law, and a number of years younger, was just the opposite.  Her answer would always be “I don’t feel up to it, but invite me next time.” And the next time was no better!

So, at the risk of sounding like Dear Abby or that old-fashioned motto on the wall, my advice is: “Don’t wait until the next time.  Do it today!  There are few second chances –so leap on the opportunity today. Take care of yourself now! Be that good neighbor today!   Don’t wait to enjoy life tomorrow –live now!.”


Nancy Lund and her husband retired from the hustle and bustle, the smog and the traffic of Los Angeles in 1975 and found exactly the community they sought in Greenville, Ca.  Nancy, now 93 years old and a widow, opened  her own home design business and was still drawing plans until last year.  She is currently writing her memoir– the ups and downs, the changes she has seen in a long life. As Chair of the Plumas County Commission on Aging, she continues to be active in senior affairs and in the League of Women Voters.   She may be reached at 284-7206 or at nedlund5@frontiernet,net