1949 Cessna 195 Lands On Lake Almanor

It isn’t often you see a plane pull into the marina, but that is just what happened at Plumas Pines Resort on the west shore of Lake Almanor.
Pontoons carried the 1949 Cessna 195 across the water gracefully and into the marina, where pilot Randy Peterson got fuel for the aircraft. Both he and wife Sheila Murphy fly the plane. She said this is her favorite plane to fly. Two kids sat in the back seat of this 5 seater, fixed wing, single engine sea plane. Rich, the local boat patrol sheriff on the lake, had been contacted by the couple the day prior to inform him of their plan to visit Almanor. He met them on the dock.
Everyone in the marina took notice and many came over to the gas dock to see the plane up close. Peterson said he got the idea for coming to Almanor after viewing a youtube video of another plane that landed on Almanor.