By Artistic Director and Conductor Benjamin J. Wade

Have you ever been to a symphony concert? What thoughts come
to mind when you think of a live symphony orchestra……stuffy, old-fashioned, boring?

“Nobody feels that when they leave our concerts,” according to Susanville Symphony Maestro Benjamin Wade. “Exhilarating, refreshing, exciting, life-changing, unbelievable, astounding, you brought
joy into our life… Those are the kinds of things we hear each and every concert.” “When was the last time you listened to Symphony music? That’s the question I asked my music appreciation class every semester. One or two people raise their hands but most stay silent. Then I ask who has listened to, or watched a movie or TV show or played a video game in the last two weeks. Everyone raises their hand. and I calmly explain that they have therefore listened to a symphony orchestra since 99% of all movie soundtracks have live symphony orchestras recording their music.” Wade stated adding.”Where does the symphony go from here? Now in our 16th season that is a question I continually ask myself year after year. How can we

do things better, bigger, bolder, more adventurous to retain our current members and attract new patrons.” Wade conti- nued, “Have you ever seen anyone play a trombone, and then a trumpet, and then two trumpets at once and then pick up bagpipes and start playing? Have you ever been around someone who is a personal friend of the king of Sweden? Gunnhild Carling is all of the above and you have a rare opportunity to see her in our outdoor concert September 22nd. She is a very famous musician that will be playing with our orchestra at the Concert on the Green at the Lassen County Courthouse. It’s a magical evening. You can bring a picnic,

a blanket or lawn chairs and sit under the late afternoon sun and look up at the prestigious old courthouse and take in beautiful music with a one-of-a-kind soloist that Northern California has ever seen.”

Maestro Wade extended a personal invitation and challenge to everyone reading this article. “Come to the symphony and it will change your life in some small way. I guarantee it. If you are bored and if you are falling asleep while we perform come up to me after the concert and I will take you out for a cup of coffee or a drink because I do not think that will happen. I challenge you to come to one concert this year, those of you who have never been, and enjoy what our other patrons feel-joy, exhilaration, excitement and much more. That is the kind of music we at the Susanville Symphony give to you. Experience the magic. Join the journey of a small town big symphony!”