By Eileen Majors

Hey guys, Tank here. Since moving out of the shelter I have enjoyed things in ways I never thought possible. It’s a whole new world! I’m never locked up, I get a whole ball all to myself, I taste the freedom of the outdoors as often as I like, I get belly rubs daily, and these people must really love me because I even go to a groomer once a month! There’s nothing like a good roll in the dirt after that place. I’m telling you, it’s the best! Here’s the real kicker though, not only do I have a family, I have a home.

Recently, I heard about some puppies being abandoned at our local park here in Westwood. Can you believe that? Right in my own neighborhood. The pit bull that lives next to us was barking about it just the other day. He said someone left one momma dog, three older puppies, and seven newborn puppies! That’s ten all together left out in the cold, dead of the night right before the Holidays. I just don’t understand how anyone could be so heartless. All a dog wants is to be loved, and to have that taken away… well, being loved is everything.

I’ve been dragging my tail all week and I haven’t been able to get much sleep with them on my mind. That’s when it came to me, I can help. I can tell all of you and maybe you can find room in your hearts to adopt one of these well deserving puppies or their courageous mother and provide them with a loving home.

Every dog deserves a chance to be accepted, to feel safe, warm, loved, and a part of the family. If you feel you can meet these requirements please go change one of the lives of these dogs. Someone made that difference for me and now I am hoping someone will make that difference for them. Even if you can’t adopt but would like to donate — every little bit helps!

The momma dog and seven newborns were transferred to a no-kill shelter in Incline Village, Nevada called Pet Network Humane Society. The three older pups can be found at a shelter located in Truckee, California. Have a place for them to call home? Now that’s something to bark about!


There are so many amazing dogs and cats waiting for their forever homes (pure breed too). Six to eight million animals enter shelters every year. Sixty-eighty percent of them will be euthanized. Every nine seconds a shelter animal is euthanized. Only one animal for every three has a home that will last their entire lifetime. Heartbreaking but this is their reality. You have the power to change that. Together we can make a difference.

Shelter Information

Pet Network Humane Society

401 Village Blvd.

Incline Village, NV 89451


Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe

10961 Stevens Lane, Truckee CA 96161