Welcome to Our World

If you are thinking of visiting our Mountain Valley Living areas, you can expect a warm welcome!

With lakes, rivers and streams around every corner, tourism is common and a welcome commodity.

Small communities across the region host festivals to welcome visitors and tend to extend a warm welcome to new residents who find their way to far Northern California.

Ample views, secluded beaches and riverfront solitude are easy to find. Nestled around Lassen Volcanic National Park, the nationally-acclaimed jewel of the region, our entire area has much to offer vacationers and those seeking a simpler way of life.

As the Sierras meet the Cascade Mountains, life seems to get simpler while opportunities widen for outdoor watchers and adventure seekers. The price tag for adventure is loaded with value in our neck of the woods and the people are great. We hope you will stay long enough to take in camping or lodging, enjoy a great trail, fish one of our many pristine waters, hunt at one of the hundreds of spots up here or enjoy a myriad of winter recreation. Dirt bikers, snowmobilers and other off-road enthusiasts love the Northern California region. Welcome to our world.