“Hi, I’m Tank; a lot of things have changed for me in the past few months. I had pretty much given up on finding a home after six long months in the rescue. I quit eating, lost some weight and, well I guess, I got scared.They let me stay in the office all day, I was so upset.

Then one day, in walked a tall, curly-haired girl with what appeared to be her grandparents. I could tell they liked me immediately, but I’d seen it all before. I didn’t even get up. Ellie (the curly haired girl) joined me on the floor and soon her Grandma followed. I just laid there, figuring they’d be taking home one of my buddies… again. Don’t get me wrong; it’s always a good thing to see, but it always leaves me a little sad, if you know what I mean.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I wondered to myself. “They aren’t going down the hall to see my buddies. Are they leaving?” I stand up, “Hey, what about me?” Just about that time, Ellie snaps a leash around my neck. Still not sure what’s up, but it looks like I’m going for a walk with a kid, and boy am I excited! I dance my way to the door a bit. I love kids! We walked in the grass, got our picture taken by my friend and then I’m shown into the back seat of a truck with Ellie. Okay, I’m staying with her! I clung on to her lap the whole way. Then we end up at this place called the lake and there are kids everywhere. They all take me for a walk and I give them all the I-like-you-the-best treatment. Now, they all love me, and I have a new girlfriend. Roxie and me, we play every day. Things have sure changed for me, but about my buddies, they could really use your help. Maybe you could stop in to a shelter soon. A lot of things could change.

Thanks, Tank

Here’s a few dog rescue and shelters we found online.