TANK on City Dogs! …Really Mom? By Eileen Majors –

   My mom’s losing it; I’m pretty sure. She went to the big city last weekend and now she won’t quit talking about this Charlie fella. Another one of those little, “pretty” dogs I guess; a real city dog. I mean this dog prefers snap peas as his go-to treat. Yup! The vegetable; it’s like these guys have forgotten who we are! We’re dogs!! (You know, meat eaters.) 

    Anyhow, back to Mom, as crazy as it seems (with a dog like me around) my mom thought Charlie was just amazing. He likes to fetch his ball in the kitchen, she told us , where he slides across the floor to catch it. “Really, Mom?” That makes you laugh?

   She said the owners of the dog left full instructions on how to care for Charlie. I’m just sayin’… mountain dogs don’t need instructions. We got this! We chase squirrels (but never catch ‘em,) fetch balls by the creek, and go for rides in the truck with Dad. What’s so hard about that!

   Mom said when it was time to take Charlie for his morning walk, everyone agreed they didn’t need instructions to walk a dog. (Turns out they did.) When they headed out the driveway Charlie was already looking back at them like they were doing something wrong. After coaxing Charlie out of the driveway with a snap pea, they headed to the corner. ‘Okay, we’ll go this way,’ thought the holder of the leash, but Charlie had another idea. He was pointed the other way, and was adamantly waiting for his treat. She nudged the leash again but they soon realized Charlie really did have a preferred route, which left them all thinking, ‘maybe we shoulda brought the instructions.’ Charlie led them for the rest of the way stopping for a treat at every crosswalk, until they made it all the way home.

    I guess some people might think that was a cool dog, but I’m sure glad us mountain dogs get to chase squirrels, fetch balls by the creek, and go for rides in the truck with Dad!