25 Books Until Christmas

redhair-woman-reading-book-on by Cheschhh,--51202726redhair-woman-reading-book-on by Cheschhh,–51202726

This project is one your family will enjoy. A great way to get the whole family reading together, and a creative way to count down the days until Christmas. You will need 25 books your child enjoy. They can be new or ones you have on hand. The books can be Christmas themed, or any favorites. If you do not have that many books at home you can go to your local library and pick up a few more. (Don’t forget to return them.) Wrap each book up and put them under the Christmas tree maybe along with your child’s favorite blanket. At the end of every evening let your little one pick a book to unwrap. Snuggle together as a family and read the story together. This is a new tradition you can start in your family and I will be starting in mine. It sounds like a fun and educational way to countdown the days of Christmas and a spectacular way to spend some quality time with the little ones. It will become a tradition the kids will look forward to for years to come.

Advent Activity Jar

Another fun way to count down the days of Christmas is with a daily activity jar. Take some note cards and write an activity on the card. For example one card could say “Drive around town and look at christmas lights.” Another could say ” Go sledding with the family.” Place the activity cards in the jar. Ideas may include baking, wrapping and shopping; but choose activities your family will enjoy. Every day let the kids draw one. These activities are a great way to get the family up and moving together as you count down the days to Christmas. Another way you could create and advent jar is to use a decorative jar or cup with popsicle sticks for the messages.

Gifts For The Elderly

Elderly-Man-Opening-Gift by Cheryl E. Davis-50150132Elderly-Man-Opening-Gift by Cheryl E. Davis-50150132

One long honored tradition, practiced among many families, is remembering those in need during the holiday season. It really helps put the holidays in perspective for children when they get the opportunity to help someone less fortunate.


This is an opportunity to really make someone’s day. Dropping in with fresh flowers, warm slippers or even a handmade card from a child can mean the world to a shut-in. Ask the activity director or a nurse at the front desk who might really enjoy your visit.


If you have elderly neighbors who do not get regular visits from family, drop by with a holiday platter. Bring a few cookies and perhaps a few holiday appetizers. Bring some herb tea and ask if you can come in to sit and visit for a while. Perhaps you can invite them to a holiday gathering.