By Angele Thibodeau
When packing for a camping trip, make sure you have your head lamp and your favorite beverage for sitting around looking at the stars.  There are no camp fires allowed in Desolation Wilderness, so make sure you pack your portable propane camp stove.  The anticipation of a night in the great outdoors, completely cut off from everything and everyone, just fills you with excitement.  Knowing that tomorrow you will wake up with the crisp morning air in your lungs and the quiet of nature all around you is quite a treat. There are countless places to camp in Desolation Wilderness.  Each is as beautiful if not better than the next.  One place I enjoy going to is Gilmour Lake.  The hike in is quite breathtaking, with gnarly old trees, tremendous views, and at the end… Gilmour Lake.  Pack your way in, set up camp and relax with the serene lake view in front of you.  First thing in the morning when the birds wake you up, I highly recommend taking a refreshing dip in the frigid mountain water.  I promise it works much better than coffee when it comes to starting your day with some pep.  Enjoy your camping and remember to be considerate of the environment around you.  Make sure to familiarize yourself with the laws of camping in different locations.
Photos by: Angel Thibodeau
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